I’m quite fond of making lists so I thought I’d note down all of the countries I have been to so far and all of those I hope to visit one day!

Countries I have been to:

Belgium. Belize. Bolivia. Cambodia. China. Costa Rica. Ecuador. El Salvador.  France. Greece.  Guatemala.  Honduras. Hong Kong. Laos. Macau. Mexico. Morocco. Netherlands. Nicaragua. North Korea. Peru. Philippines. Poland. Thailand. Turkey. UK. USA. Vietnam.

Travelling to in 2017:

 Iran. Ukraine.

Hope to visit in future:

There are very few places on Earth I wouldn’t like to visit! But here’s a list of my top 50-something countries:

Afghanistan. Antarctica. Argentina. Australia. Austria. Bhutan. Brazil. Canada. Chile. Colombia. Czech Republic. Denmark. Fiji. Finland. Germany. Ghana. Hungary. Iceland. India. Indonesia. Ireland. Israel. Italy. Japan. Jordan. Kazakhstan. Kenya. Kyrgyzstan. Madagascar. Malaysia. Maldives. Mauritius. Mongolia. Myanmar. Nepal. New Zealand. Norway. Papa New Guinea. Portugal. Russia. Singapore. South Africa. South Korea. Spain. Sri Lanka. Sweden. Switzerland. Tajikistan. Turkmenistan. Uganda. Uzbekistan. Vanuatu. Vatican City. Venezuela.

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