Hi! I’m Jess. Just Jess. Not Jessica. I’m 26, live in London and LOVE to travel.

After visiting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) in late 2015, I decided to start a blog to share some of my experiences. This is a country that is far less travelled than most and I couldn’t find any blogs about it from females my age. I realised I had something fairly unique to talk about that needed sharing!

But I thought, why stop there !? I have been travelling abroad on and off since 2011 and have been to 33 countries so far. (I should have started this blog years ago but in all honesty, I couldn’t be bothered back then.)

I’m not a ‘digital nomad’ or a ‘professional globetrotter’ like many people out there seem to call themselves. I’m not constantly on the road either although it may seem that way to some of my friends. Sometimes I travel for months at a time, sometimes it’s weeks and other times it’s just a weekend away. In between travel I work in London as a freelancer to build up my savings…. to pay for more travel. 

This blog is for anyone with an interest in travel. That’s incredibly broad I know but this website doesn’t really focus on one type of trip (this is probably why I am not a particularly successful blogger). However, you will struggle to find blogs about partying or all-inclusive package holidays here- adventure travel is much more my thing. There isn’t a country on Earth I wouldn’t like to visit (although some I have to avoid for now for safety reasons of course).

I haven’t created this site specifically for solo female travellers although I have been to many places alone. Nor is it a couples travel blog although many of my trips since 2016 have been with boyfriend. I try to keep my posts informative but not always specifically for one category of traveller (e.g the solo female). 

If you’ve read this far then thank you for taking an interest!


I love hearing what people think of my blog. I aim to respond to everyone so if you’d like to conact me please click here. Or you can reach me on social media:

Instagram: jesstravelsdotnet 

Facebook: Jess Travels

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