Hi! I’m Jess. Just Jess. Not Jessica. I’m 25, live in London and LOVE to travel.

After visiting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) in 2015, I decided to start a blog to share some of my experiences. This is a country that is far less travelled than most and I couldn’t find any blogs about it from females my age. I realised I had something fairly unique to talk about that needed sharing!

But I thought, why stop there !? I have been travelling on and off since 2011 and have been to 30 countries so far. (I should have started this blog years ago but in all honesty, I couldn’t be bothered back then!)

I’m not a ‘digital nomad’ or a ‘professional globetrotter’ like many people out there seem to call themselves! I’m not constantly on the road either although it may seem that way to some of my friends. Sometimes I travel for months at a time, sometimes it’s weeks and other times it’s just a weekend away. Inbetween travel I work in London as a freelancer to build up my savings…. to pay for more travel. 

This blog is for anyone with an interest in travel – particularly travel that involves a bit of adventure! There isn’t a country on Earth I wouldn’t like to visit (although some I have to avoid for now for safety reasons of course).

Although I do love to just relax on a beach, I haven’t a lot of experience when it comes to luxury or package holidays so you generally wont find much about those kind of trips on my blog. 

I haven’t created this site specifically for solo female travellers although I have been to many places alone. Nor is it a couples travel blog although many of my trips since 2016 are with my boyfriend, Josh. I try to keep my posts informative but not always specifically for one category of traveller (e.g the solo female). 

If you’ve read this far then thank you! I really hope you enjoy my site and return soon – I have plenty more posts to come!


I love hearing what people think of my blog! I aim to respond to everyone so if you’d like to conact me please click here. Or you can reach me on social media:

Instagram: jesstravelsdotnet 

Facebook: Jess Travels

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