Macau Tower- The World’s Highest Bungee Jump

Hello and welcome to my first blog post that isn’t about North Korea! I thought I’d get started on sharing some of the great experiences I’ve had in other countries around the world starting with the Worlds Highest Bungee Jump in Macau!

This is a post for those who are considering doing the Macau bungee (or any bungee jump for that matter) themselves or just for those interested in seeing my jump videos for the fun of watching me scream as I fall off the edge of a building.

The bungee (or ‘Bungy’ – I’ve never been sure of the correct spelling) is 233 meters / 764ft high.

I have included more info about the jump and Macau below.

So first, here are the videos! One is the video AJ Hackett took from the top and bottom of the tower and the second is from the view of the Go Pro on my wrist.


About the Macau Tower Bungee:

The company is called AJ Hackett and they are famous for running high adrenaline activities around the world. If the bungee jump is too extreme for you there are various other things you can try at the Macau Tower. One example is the Sky Walk which is where you can walk around the edge of the tower whilst attached to a harness (pictures included at the end of the blog). Check out the website here for details on all of the activities.

Price: Approx $500 US Dollars  (includes bungee jump, photos, HD video, GoPro video, T-Shirt, e-certificate and AJ Hackett membership card)

Yes, this is a hefty price tag! I do think it should be a bit cheaper but when you can claim that you are the highest in the world I guess you can charge the highest prices. You have to be 100% committed to jumping as they do not offer refunds if you wimp out. It was slightly cheaper when I paid for it in late 2014 so it seems the price will only steadily increase. This bungee jump was a challenge and an experience I will never forget. It is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done and I do not regret it one bit. For me it was about the experience and you can’t really put a price on that. If you are a serious adrenaline junkie like myself then I promise you will not be disappointed.

Height: 233m / 764ft

It’s VERY high …especially when you are stood on the edge!

Is it scary?: Yes… but once you start falling the rush is incredible (I thought so anyway). Waiting on the edge to jump is the most unnatural feeling ever as you don’t feel like you are attached to anything. Every part of your body is telling you that you shouldn’t jump or you’ll die!  If you are scared of heights even a little bit I would imagine this bungee is a bit too much and I’d recommended starting off with something much smaller and seeing how that goes. Maybe even a tandem bungee.

About Macau:

For those that do not know, Macau is a ‘Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China’.  It has been nicknamed ‘The Las Vegas of China’ and some very serious amounts of money is gambled here every year (even more than Vegas!).  It was a Portuguese territory until 1999 so there’s a strange mix of Portuguese and Chinese culture but I found a lot of the fairly small island was filled with flashy casinos and hotels. It wasn’t my favourite place ever as I am not big on gambling but it was certainly interesting! The main reason for my visit was to complete the Worlds Highest Bungee Jump which is at the top of the Macau Tower.

Getting to Macau:

The best way to get to Macau is to take a ferry from Hong Kong which is what we did. The ferry only takes about an hour from the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal.  It costs approx. $20 USD each way. You can just go for a day trip but I’d recommend staying a night if you want to fit in a bungee jump and sightseeing/casinos.  You can also fly direct to Macau if you don’t plan on visiting Hong Kong.



The Sky Walk with my friend, Leah:




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