I wanted to put together a list of sites, blogs, social media pages and general nonsense that I like!


There are a lot of fantastic blogs out there but here are some of my favourites…

THIS BATTERED SUITCASE – Brenna’s writing is so captivating that I never get bored of even the most lengthy posts she writes! One of, if not the best travel blogger out there.

MEGAN STARR– I was initially drawn to Megan’s site because of her posts on Kyrgyzstan but she has so many great blogs I love her interest in Soviet era architecture especially! Megan has some of the best coffee and craft beer guides too.

HEART MY BACKPACK – Like the previous two bloggers I’ve listed, Silvia is so well travelled! I’ve only been reading her blog a short time but already love it. She has some handy posts about blogging too.

SQUIBB VICIOUS – I owe a lot to Haydy from Squibb Vicious because she has helped me out so much with my own blog! Haydy writes a about a mixture of travel, food and lifestyle and she has so much info on her blog! Especially helpful for those looking for new places to try in London!

ADVENTUROUS KATE – Kate is one of the most successful travel bloggers out there so if you’re a regular reader of blogs then no doubt you have heard of her already. I love how honest and upfront Kate is in her writing –  I enjoy reading her opinions as well as travel guides.

TRAVELYNN FAMILY – I got chatting to Jenny from the Travelynn Family through Instagram and she has totally changed my attitude toward travelling with kids. I used to think that it was near impossible or just something the super rich did! Jenny and Jason have a great family travel blog that I’d check out whether you have kids or not.

WANDERING CHOCOBO – Susanna has a great blog that focuses on sustainable travel and eco tourism but I also love her geeky travel guides! 

LOST WITH PURPOSE – Alex and Sebastiaan have been to almost all of the countries I want to visit! Their blog breaks down the misconceptions some people have about certain countries. They also take beautiful photos!

ANJCI ALL OVER – Anna is an interesting travel blogger because she works full time in London and fits her travels her job. She’s been to a ridiculous amount of countries as well as loads of interesting and unusual places.

GO WONDER – A great community for women who love to travel. Their blog features stories from various female travellers.


FEMALE TRAVEL BLOGGERS – I’ve got so much helpful information from this group. If you blog about travel and you are female you can request to join too!

GO WONDER – Another great FB group full of female travellers and offering support and answers to your travel questions. You don’t have to be a blogger to join this one.

TRAVEL TO EASTERN EUROPE, THE BALKANS & FORMER USSR – A helpful travel group for those interested in travel to…you guessed it… Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former USSR countries!


PASSENGER SHAMING – A page dedicated to shaming selfish, dirty and stupid airplane passengers!

JOLEELOREN – Julie Houts is an illustrator who creates hilarious comics about life and being a woman.

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PASSION PASSPORT – Stunning travel photos taken by various people from around the World!

BODYPOSIPANDA – Megan Crabbe is brilliant! Her posts are mostly about body positivity and it sounds cheesy – but I genuinely find her story inspiring!

LEAHVIOLET_ – Leah is a friend of mine who loves to travel just as much as I do (and is sometimes my travel companion!). She bought herself a decent camera not too long ago and her photography skills are really coming along. I love Leah’s travel photos!


NATGEOTRAVEL – National Geographic’s travel page. I would also highly recommend their main Insta page – NATGEO.

MIKCEYFRYC – I’ve been following Macayla for some time now- she’s just someone I find really interesting! After a decent amount of travelling she is back in the USA and has set up her own farm!

TOMARCHERPHOTO – His photos are just incredible! I hadn’t heard about Tom’s page until I saw him do a talk on travel photography at Traverse London in early 2017.

RORY_MADIGAN – Rory is another travel buddy of mine and he takes the most incredible photos!

Peace out Sydney. ✌ Next stop…Wagvegas. 🤔

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SIMON CALDER – Simon is a travel journalist and broadcaster. He shares interesting travel related articles and information.

FOREIGN POLICY – Interesting articles on global politics and economics.

JESSIE CAVE – I love Jessie’s cute and funny doodles.

J.K. ROWLING – J.K.’s twitter feed is full of wit and she retweets some great stuff.

VERY BRITISH PROBLEMS – Everyday British problems. This page makes me laugh all the time!


Obviously there’s loads more great stuff out there- I will periodically update this list with more of the stuff I like.