The Longest Zipline in Latin America – and a Huge Tarzan Swing

The longest zipline in Latin America is in Monteverde, Costa Rica. It is 5260 ft long which is just under 1 mile! The entire zipline lasts about 1 min 30 seconds. 

Longest Zipline Video:

I have to admit that I am a bit of a ziplining snob- I don’t think that they are particularly thrilling. Since I’ve done a lot of other high adrenaline activities such as the World’s highest bungee jump, ziplines are usually a little tame for me. However, this one in Monteverde was really fun and I would definitley recommend to people of all ages. I wouldn’t describe it as scary at all- its just a fun ride where you get to whizz through and over the forest canpoy and take in the views! The only time it might be a little scary is if you have a fear of heights. You do feel very secure in the harness and you can look straight ahead rather than down if you want to!

In order to do the zipline I booked the ‘Canopy Tour’ with company, 100% Adventura.  It cost $50 US Dollars but there was a lot included:

– 9 regular ziplines
– 2 Superman Ziplines (which includes the longest zipline in Latin America)
– 1 hammock bridge
– 1 rappel
– 1 Mega Tarzan Swing

Most of the regular ziplines are fun but fairly short and are there to help you warm up for the bigger ones. There are 2 really long ones that you can opt to ride Superman style (laying on your front). The rappel is simple and only about 2 storeys high. My favourite part was the Mega Tarzan Swing. Annoyingly, I cannot seem to find information on exactly how high this was but you can see from my video below!  This was great fun but a little scarier for those who are afraid of heights. The staff at 100% Adventura will give you the option to go and look and if you want to back out you can. But, to quote Shia LaBeouf, I say ”Just Do It!”.

Tarzan Swing Video:


Other Ziplines Video:

Costa Rica - The longest zipline in Latin America and a huge tarzan swing in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Great travel itinerary idea for those adrenaline junkies out there! #ziplining #costarica #travel
Costa Rica – The Longest Zipline in Latin America & a Huge Tarzan Swing
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4 thoughts on “The Longest Zipline in Latin America – and a Huge Tarzan Swing”

  1. Hi! Can you share a little about your itinerary to do all 3 of the Costa Rica experiences you wrote about? Or which order you’d recommend and how much time total to do all 3 in addition to the time you spent at the animal rescue? I’m trying to sort out timing and actual number of days in country I should consider for a similar trip.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I did the Monteverde zipline first but that was because I entered Costa Rica from Nicaragua so it was easier to go to Monteverde first. I think your itinerary will depend on where you are entering/leaving Costa Rica from ?

      If you start and finish your trip in San Jose then I’d maybe recommend the dog sanctuary first, then the rescue centre and then Monteverde (perhaps with another stop as you make your way back to San Jose). I’d say you’ll need at least 20 days to do all of this and have enough time to volunteer at the sanctuary too. Let me know if you have any more questions or feel free to email me at

  2. I did this last year but at a place near Baldi Springs Resort in Costa Rica! Supposedly there’s was the highest in Costa Rica! I’m trying to find it online to confirm lol

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